PMEA(Pennsylvania Music Educators Association) is a state wide organization that promotes music education in schools. Through PMEA students will be able to attend many different ensembles based on application and audition.

Jr. District Band and chorus

9th grade students are eligible to apply for Jr District Band. This is a 2 day festival with schools in the surrounding areas.

District Jazz (10th-12th only)

Students interested in auditioning for District Jazz will prepare a selected piece of music for an audition in November. Students will be placed in one of four bands, if selected. The following link is the list of audition material and requirements for specific instruments: District Jazz Requirements

District Band/Chorus (10-12 grade only)

Students are eligible in 1oth through 12th grade are eligible to apply for this festival. Students who are selected will be given a folder of music to work on. These students must practice and prepare all pieces of music to the best of their ability. They will be required to audition for seat placement on the first day of the festival for seating placement. The top portion of each section will move on to the regional festival.

Region Band/Chorus

Once a student makes it into a Region festival, they will follow the same system as the District festival. Students who place in the top portion of their Regional festival, will represent Fort LeBoeuf at the State level.

For more information on these festival (dates and forms) and requirements, please click on the following link that will take you to the PMEA district site: PMEA District 2